Comic Review: X-23 #1!

X-23 #1 (2018) x-23-1301x2000

Now that the original Logan has returned to the role of Wolverine (or at the very least is on his way to returning), Laura Hudson has returned to her old X-23 codename. But just because she's no longer Wolverine doesn't mean that she's giving up any of her old missions. Alongside her clone “sister” Gabby, Laura takes it upon herself to track down anyone and everyone associated with the Weapon X program in Mariko Tamaki and Juan Cabal's X-23 #1!

After tracking down a group of mutant mercenaries, Laura and Gabby make their way back to the X-Mansion to meet with Hank McCoy. McCoy has been secretly helping Laura track down former Weapon X associates, and he's got a new lead that will bring her closer than ever to the people who helped create her. But at the same time, the Stepford Cuckoo triplets are acting weirder than usual, and may have their hands on a version of the Weapon X formula for their own means as well.

Tom Taylor left a major mark on the character of Laura Hudson with his All-New Wolverine series, so I had some pretty major concerns that Mariko Tamaki wouldn't be able to fit into his shoes. However, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Tamaki's writing is pretty damn fantastic. Not only is her script pretty solid, but Tamaki's characterizations of Laura and Gabby are spot on as well, which is no easy feat when compared to all of the work Tom Taylor put into the All-New Wolverine series. But Tamaki's not only able to keep Taylor's ongoing stories moving, she also adds some pretty great new wrinkles to them as well.

Juan Cabal's art is also surprisingly great as well. I've never seen his work before, but his clean style works wonders for this series. There's a great sense of motion to not only Cabal's action scenes, but even in the ones where Laura and Gabby are just talking to one another as well. I'm sure Cabal's done work for Marvel before, but I honestly think that if he keeps up this type of work that he'll be another major player for the publisher.

I'm really happy that X-23 continues the awesome momentum that All-New Wolverine started. Laura Hudson is a great character that deserves a fantastic series, and after All-New Wolverine ended I was worried that Marvel would just forget about her. Luckily for us, that's not the case.